Martial Solal 65 compositions

Martial Solal: 65 chosen pieces

Presenter: Jean-Charles Richard

The French composer Martial Solal has compiles 65 of his compsitions in a beautiful book. Jean-Jaques Ricard will explain how the book came togetehr and how it can be used in jazz educaton.


Desafinado, a tune by Antonio Carlos Jobim: a comparison of four different versions.

Presenter: Renato Vasconcellos Unb

The proposed paper for the 29th Meeting of the IASJ, Zagreb,Croatia is a portion of my Doctoral thesis called The Lead Sheet and the Misdirections of Fake Books. The panel “Desafinado” by Antonio Carlos Jobim: A comparison of four different written versions is an attempt to show how fake books had changed the path of specific tunes.

Dusko Goykovich’s Songbook

presenters: Dusko Goykovich, Vladislav Tomanić

The publication of Dusko Goykovich’s compositions, is the first one which presents his rich music opus in one place, created over the span of his more than sixty years long career. Some of the pieces were composed as late as 2017.
Goykovich’s creative opus contains compositions in the modern jazz idioms of Bebop, Hard Bop, blues and ballads as well as works inspired by the Latin rhythms of South America.

Jazz Performance, Jazz Education, Applied Jazz Research

presenters: Kurt Ellenberger, Wouter Turkenburg

In the last decennia, Jazz research has seen strong growth. The new bachelor, master, and doctoral structures at music academies, conservatories and music universities in Europe since 2003, have given an important impetus to the growth of jazz research. Not only have the number of researchers and research projects grown, the entire field of jazz research and sheer number of topics has expanded greatly all over the world.

The Place of British Jazzrock in Jazz History

presenter: Lukas Proyer

Jazz history writings have often situated the emergence of jazzrock exclusively in the United States, marking it as the ‘real’ place of jazzrock in the official canon. In my paper I address the omission of British jazzrock bands of the so-called «Canterbury scene» from jazz and jazzrock history. I highlight Soft Machine’s and Nucleus’ influence on the consolidation of jazzrock at the end of the 60s, thereby questioning the status of Miles Davis’ album Bitches Brew as the starting point for the jazzrock movement.

Jazz In Southern Europe: 5 Case Studies

presenter: Lynn Baker, University of Denver, USA

This article arises from an interest in understanding the various ways that schools of jazz in Southern Europe engaged in various partnership relationships. Of particular interest are arrangements between public and private educational institutions, private educational institutions and for-profit venues, and non-degree granting and degree granting institutions.

Performance and Context - Artistic Research in Music

presenter: Ricardo Pinheiro

The main goal of this presentation is to show a view of how performance, recording, and academic reflection on artistic objects can coexist, especially in the field of musical performance. Through creative and systematic musical activity, and departing from the implementation or incorporation of new knowledge in the context of this activity (for example in terms of interpretation, historically informed performance practice or technical innovation), I intend to stimulate not only performance itself, as well as theoretical, aesthetic and philosophical debate on artistic practice.

Ricardo Pinheiro

Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa.