Dusko Goykovich’s Songbook

presenters: Dusko Goykovich, Vladislav Tomanić

The publication of Dusko Goykovich’s compositions, is the first one which presents his rich music opus in one place, created over the span of his more than sixty years long career. Some of the pieces were composed as late as 2017.
Goykovich’s creative opus contains compositions in the modern jazz idioms of Bebop, Hard Bop, blues and ballads as well as works inspired by the Latin rhythms of South America.

Dusko Goykovich is, if not the first, then certainly among the first ones who introduced the sounds of the Balkans to the world of jazz, by not only arranging traditional songs, but also composing new melodies inspired by the rhythms and harmonies of the Balkans.Dusko Gpykovich Song Book coverThe publisher intent is to provide jazz musicians and arrangers, jazz-academy students, as well as all those who wish to play jazz, with the means to read and use Dusko Goykovich’s original liner notes, to play his music, but also to arrange it for smaller ensembles, as well as big bands.
The publisher, the Belgrade based ‘Dusko Goykovich Jazz Initiative’, is thoroughly convinced that this publication greatly contributes to the world’s cultural heritage and the history of jazz. The publisher provides up to 50 books to the 2019 IASJ Jazz Meeting participants for the libraries of their academies, conservatories and universities.
‘Dusko Goykovich Jazz Initiative’ is a nonprofit cultural association, whose goal is promotion of the top artistic values and we are proud to present our first realized project.